Glove my Dog


This super-soft light-weight towel glove is made of a special blend of natural bamboo fibres using a patented technology Tamboocel. Unlike many traditional fabrics, bamboo has an ultra-fine microporous structure that gives it superior benefits over cotton, which can harbour malodours (and takes ages to dry).

Environmentally friendly, these super soft towels are highly absorbent and fast drying… perfect for soggy doggies!

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  • Luxury, silky soft light weight texture
  • Soft & comfortable to touch: no squeaks!
  • Perfect fabric for allergies and sensitive skin conditions
  • Super absorbent- up to 40% more than cotton & breathable
  • Hypo-allergenic & antibacterial – resistant to odour, mould & mildew
  • One size stretches to suit most dogs

It’s utterly glovely! Give your dog some love with the bambootiful soft towelling glove

Use on your muddy buddy after a wet walk or bath-time. Rub coat thoroughly, squeeze out then rinse and repeat until dry. Finish with a quick spritz of Give A Dog Cologne fur conditioning mist.

Don’t bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or iron.


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