The team at E.J. Churchill are highly skilled and recognised as leading gun fitters, whether you are a game or a clay shot and looking for a traditional side by side or an over and under. Our approach is simple, it is to establish a clear understanding of what is required from the gun and the shooter.

Once we have spoken in detail about your wants and needs, we then look at developing a correct and consistent mount, as well as making detailed observations of you in a realistic shooting environment in order to ensure that the gun fits precisely.


This results in a gun which will allow you to shoot to the best of your ability and in a comfortable way.

We can also advise on our bespoke built guns or how we can modify them to be right for the client’s needs. This is not just to woodwork dimensions, but also as to weight, barrel length, chokes and recoil management as well as many other aspects.


We have a comprehensive selection of try guns and demonstration guns that can be incorporated into your gun fitting should they be required. We also recommend that you bring your typical top torso shooting attire with you. A Gun fit typically lasts for 2 hours and costs £200 for members and £250 for non-member.

Gun Fittings are by appointment only and these can be made from Monday to Saturday contact the team today on 01494 983227 or email [email protected]