Your first game shoot is an exciting time, however it can also be slightly daunting so here our our top tips on etiquette and useful things to know, to make sure you aren’t the butt of the joke!

What to Wear

• Jacket
• Vest or waistcoat
• Dark shirt (no bright colours)
• Jumper or fleece (if cold)
• Tie
• Breeks or Trousers
• Warm thick socks
• Wellington boots (if wet) or walking boots with gaiters
• Gun and gunslip

• Cartridge Bag
• Ear Defenders
• Glasses
• Hat (most people opt for a tweed flat cap)
• Waterproofs
• Thumbstick or walking stick (to aid walking and to mark position of flanking line)
• Mosquito repellent or net
• Sun tan cream
• Grouse marker (optional)


You can purchase all of your game day essentials via our online shop or make an appointment with our retail specialists who will be able to guide you through every step of the way and make sure you are game ready!


EJC Grounds


• Hellfire 28 or 30 gram 6 shot

Contact [email protected] for more details and to order

EJC Grounds


• 50 Brace Day | Keeper tip £50 and then £50 for an extra 50
• Loader | Payment (not a tip) £80 plus, if he goes the extra mile then give him a little bit more if you can


EJC Grounds




EJC Grounds

Shooting Techniques



However an experienced shot you are, and especially if this is your first time shooting we would highly recommended taking an experienced instructor with you.

They understand how the birds fly and how the land works, they will take all the pressure of you and make your first time more enjoyable, see out Infield Instruction page for more details or contact the Sporting team on 01494 883227 or email [email protected] for more information.