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Bremont E.J. Churchill Timepiece

Bremont E.J. Churchill Timepiece

E.J. Churchill commission British Watch Company Bremont to design a unique timepiece for its 125th anniversary

Bremont Limited Edition 125 E.J. Churchill Timepiece

E.J. Churchill commissioned Bremont to build 125 unique watches to celebrate our 125 year history. Drawing on a number of design features from English shotguns, every watch has been made with Damascus style steel and incorporates some subtle references to our E.J Churchill guns, making this watch a must-have for any shooting enthusiasts.

Rob Fenwick - MD E.J. Churchill: “We have worked with Bremont for many years and I had always wanted to work with them to produce a watch designed with our market in mind. There is a strong connection between the love of shooting and watches, our 125th anniversary was a perfect opportunity for us to be able to create something very special. I was keen to bring the subtle shooting references into the design and have Bremont create something that a shooting enthusiast would really understand”.

Giles English – Co-Founder Bremont: “It has been a pleasure working with E.J. Churchill over the years and I have always loved how beautifully made their English shotguns are. Looking at a mechanism of a gun and a watch you can clearly see the similarities of craftsmanship between watch making and gun making. I grew up shooting with my father’s Damascus shotgun and had always been fascinated by the metal, so was keen to incorporate that style into the watch case which has proven rather challenging, but the effect is fantastic”.

The Bremont Limited Edition timepiece is limited to 125 pieces and retails at £5995.00. For further details and to confirm your serial number please contact us on 01494 883227 or email us shop@ejchurchill.com

We also are an Authorised Bremont Retailer, so if you have any queries regarding other watch models, or your timepiece is in need of repair please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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