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What To Wear On Your First Game Day

What To Wear On Your First Game Day

Attending your first shoot is an exciting experience. However, there are many things to organise before the big day - shooting etiquette is extensive and can be somewhat bewildering to the first time shooter. 

In particular, deciding what to wear and take with you can be difficult. Although there are certain essential garments which must be worn at any shoot, there are countless other items of clothing and accessories to choose from. 

Although many Guns are relavtively fashion-forward, safety and comfort should be your main concerns - especially on your first shoot. An ill-fitting gun which restricts your swing can turn an enjoyable day into a nightmare. Similarly, sturdy and supportive footwear is a must regardless of the weather.

The colour of your outfit must also be taken into account. Traditionally, Guns predominantly wear green or brown clothing. These clothes are popular for a reason - brighter colours can alert your quarry to your presence, ruining your prospects. Many formal shoots will have a dress code - if in doubt, check with your host before you arrive.

Preparing for your first shoot should be enjoyable, rather than stressful. We've put together an infographic guide for the first time shooter which covers everything you need to know - from essential safety equipment to individual fashion choices.

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For further guidance and advice on preparing for your game day, visit E.J. Churchill. We have a team of passionate sportsmen and women who will be only too happy to share their unparalelled knowledge with you whether your concern is shooting attire, guns, ammunition or shooting.

What to wear on your first game day